Friday, June 20, 2014

Innovative Doughnut Friday

Happy Friday!

Innovative-IDM, a MultiCam partner, provided doughnuts for all MultiCam employees today.

Why does MultiCam get free doughnuts, you might ask?
Well, Innovative-IDM partnered with MultiCam about 13 years ago, when Innovative was just entering in the automation and controls distribution business.

Innovative-IDM president Gene Gray was the company's first salesman and he knew the company needed customers. He found a customer who believed in Innovative's vision and that customer was MultiCam.

Innovative thanked MultiCam for its support and confidence by bringing doughnuts one Friday morning. The next Friday, Innovative brought doughnuts again. Doughnut Friday became a tradition, so for the next several weeks, months and years, Innovative brought doughnuts to MultiCam.

The tradition carries on even after 13 years and today was the Friday of this month where Innovative shows its appreciation to MultiCam by providing doughnuts to all of its employees. MultiCam appreciates the partnership and the doughnuts.

 *Thank you Innovative-IDM!*

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